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About the Artist

I’m an architect and artist living in Hoboken, NJ. My love for vintage graphics and found objects started when I was just a kid hanging out in my mom’s antique store. While my collection of vintage magazines and ephemera is over twenty years old, it wasn’t until architecture school that I picked up an x-acto and began to collage. 


All of my original artwork contains imagery from my personal collection of ephemera, and each piece is personal and unique. I try to blend vintage images from a contemporary point of view, and I often poke fun at the stereotypes of the past. I meticulously hand-cut images in my spare time and then store them in piles that are organized by themes such as landscapes, automobiles, women, food, etc. I carefully gather elements over time until they’re ready to be laid out on paper. 


Sifting through countless pages of Life Magazine or The Saturday Evening Post still brings me the same joy that I felt as a kid when I would rummage through garage sales with my parents. I hope that the gorgeous graphics of the past get another chance to tell a new story while hanging on the walls of your home. 

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