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Original vintage LIFE Magazines for collage materials and frameable advertisements. Artists and history buffs alike will love flipping through these magazines that are filled with gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations and beautiful black and white photos. Magazine Quality/Cost Options - pricing is based on my personal scale of "collageable" materials and imagery. All magazines are in great shape and contain a ton of useful pages for DIY projects and artwork.


Prices are as follows:

  • $5 Mag: Magazines from this pile have less colorful ads and may have small tears or loose bindings. There are still plenty of material to take out of these magazines.
  • $10 Mag: magazines from this pile have colorful ads and pages. They may come from a slightly later date and therefore contain less illustrated images and more photos.
  • $15 Mag: These magazines have a ton of colorful ads and illustrations to use for collage purposes. These issues have a ton of colorful ads and illustrations. They are double issues or contain extra pages of materials. Notable brand names and celebrities are in these magazines.


Whole Magazines - NO missing pages. Pages have not been ripped out and all ads are in tact (with the exception of the $5 grab pile, a page or two may be missing from these. Any other missing pages are completely unintentional and were most likely removed 20+ years ago. A refund can be issued once magazine is returned). All magazines are original and may be 80+ years old.

Please expect gentle wear due to old age and handling. Free of mold/mildew and water stains - Each magazine is in excellent condition which is especially important for collage purposes! The pages won't fall apart when using an xacto knife, scissors, or glue.


**You can not choose a specific magazine, but I will try to honor special requests (ie, seasonal preferences), but I cannot guarantee what is available. Add a note in the comments at checkout

Vintage LIFE Magazines

    • Returns are a case by case basis - Since some of these magazines are 80+ years young, I do not want to subject them to too much back/forth shipping. If you are truly unsatisfied, you can message me personally and I will try to work something out. 
    • For bulk orders - please reach out to me.
    • Shipping Costs - at the moment, there are additional shipping costs for these magazines. These are vintage magazines and must be handled/packaged with care. They also weigh at least 1 pound or more, so for now, I need to charge shipping. 
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